Sonos Internship

Discover content you know you will love from friends

My Role

Product Design Intern

My Scope

Responsible for project end-to-end; research, information architecture, prototyping & testing.

The Team

Consumer Content


Inform future product strategy & currently being patented by Sonos

"it puts a person behind a suggestion which makes it more personable" - User


Sonos is an aggregator

Users can add any 3rd party service they want in the Sonos app and enjoy it all in one system.

Sonos is a service provider

free 1st party service, Sonos Radio, and premium service, Sonos Radio HD.

Design an Aggregated Content Feature

where users can interact with content from different services.

My Process


Identified Pain Points and Needs

from user interviews (10) with Sonos and non-Sonos users.

We discover from word of mouth

Authentic content recommendations from people you trust are the most memorable and meaningful.

It's in our nature to share what we like

As evidenced by the popularity of Spotify wrapped, people are proud to share and announce their listening habits.

Content discovery is time-consuming and tedious

because services are separated like a computer file system due to legacy code.

Content discovery from other platforms feels repetitive

Listeners find it difficult to discover content that feels fresh because the algorithmic populate recommendations based on previous listening history.

How might we...

Given Sonos design principles:

Final Design

Content Discovery Through Sonos Prompts

My solution will bolster user engagement and add value to the Sonos app by solving a user need — it tackles the lack of functionality to discover new and unique content from the app with a more personable lens.

Similar to browsing through a friend’s album/book collection...

Users can discover friend’s authentic recommendations all in one place...

Sonos users can respond to prompts to share their own recommendations and organically connect with others based on common interests.


With Weekly Prompts

Sonos users can respond to prompts to share their own recommendations and organically connect with others based on common interests.


Row In My Sonos

Seamlessly discover music, playlists, radio, audiobooks and more from people you know and trust.


Deep Dive into a Friends Recommendation and Their Stories

Seamlessly discover music, playlists, radio, audiobooks and more from people you know and trust.


Service Swapping Paradigm

Users can seamlessly play from a shared service, add and discover playable services, select when they have multiple services.


Brand Partnerships

Prompts are also an opportunity for non-audio brand partnerships. Brand partners can increase their brand exposure by creating a prompt to engage with Sonos users.



Prompts & Profiles for Artists & Creators

Not only can users develop connection to their favorite content, prompts can also become a tool for artists/creators/influencers to form a personable connection with people their content has an impact on.


Benefit to User
Technical Requirements & Dependencies

What could be Sonos's competitive edge?

From my research that content discovery is tedious, time consuming, and challenging, I explored various ideas (from the nitty gritty interactions to blue sky) that enable more seamless discovery of content types across services. 

What does personable discovery look like?

I narrowed down the focus area to explore concepts for making content discovery more personable for users to be more blue sky and strategic.
Concept 1

Auto-generated Profile

HMW make the aggregation of content feel more personal to the user?
Concept 2


How might we use our understanding of people’s content discovery process to improve the aggregated experience?
Concept 3

Content Deep-dive

How might we bridge the gap between browsing through different types of audio content?
Concept 4

Interest Based Community

HMW leverage aggregation of audio content to create a community of listeners?

Evolving into Prompts

As I was prioritizing my final solution I asked myself: How can I reduce the cognitive load of deciding what content to recommend? How can I make the content discovery process across multiple content types more frictionless and less manual?

That's where the idea of prompts that Sonos asks came to mind. Prompts is a simplified solution of all my concepts because it reduces the manual workload of recommending a combination of content types. It removes friction from discovering new content with a fresh perspective with a mental model that feels joyful, connected and easy.

1. Prompt Card

2. Sample Stories

Once the user has clicked on a Prompt Card, it takes them series of responses called sample stories. In addition to the Sonos design principles Easy, Joyful, and Connected, I also wanted to prioritize Curiosity because it increases engagement and helps Sonos achieve it's buisness goals.
See paper on
Token-Reinforcement Systems

Usability Test

100% Users found prompts to be joyful

100% Users felt that prompts was easy to use

Users enjoyed the social component of discovery

Iterate Based On User Behavior
Results: Benefits to Sonos

Informed North Star